Autonomous Cars On The Streets!


We have heard a lot of babble about driver less cars in the past few years. We have also seen only experimental version of current models that have added sensor hardware. Now we can really touch that concept thanks to this year’s Geneva Motor Show in which were presented several futuristic design studies that glimpse inside the car cabin of the future.

The Link & Go 2.0 from AKKA Technologies is one of the realizations of the driverless concept. In the vision of this company, the driverless cars are part of coordinated transportation infrastructure in which are included cyclists, pedestrians and other participants in the traffic.

The cars will not be limited to individual spaces separated from bike lines or sidewalks in way that all the traffic participants utilize the same space coordinating between itself via advanced communication and sensor systems. It sounds like a big mess, but AKKA says that is the future of cars.

The design of this vehicle includes a touch and gesture-based human interface, a self parking system controlled via smartphone, a dual mode design with completely autonomous driving option and enlarged reality display that allow you to watch the road outside from the stylish cabin.

Also AKKA predict that the cars in the future will be part of car-sharing system which will be coordinated through a cloud network in that way that the passengers with similar destination can share rides. The Link & Go 2.0 model has a lounge-like cabin where everybody is a passenger. It is also available a steering vehicle for manual driver control. The front seats turn around and face the rear seats and the world outside can be monitored via central infotainment screen.

Another autonomous car concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show is the XchangE from Swiss automotive. Also this vehicle presents swiveling front seats which quickly transform the traditional cabin to a laid back lounge mode. The XchangE has 4G connectivity so that the passenger can do web browsing and video conference. Also this model includes a 32-inch 4K display for entertainment.

These two models seem to bring the future in real life, but who knows, maybe in the next years one of them will be your next choice when buying a car.