Apple Watch – Price and Features!


Apple has finally revealed everything regarding the expected Apple Watch, introduced last September.

Despite the expected version, Apple introduced three different versions, or lines of the device, with two different sizes of each screen. The first and cheapest version is Apple Watch Sport. It has aluminum body, and the price of the smaller model is $ 349 and $ 399 dollars costs the model with the larger screen.

Next is Apple Watch, with a housing made of stainless steel. The initial model costs $ 549, and the larger $ 599. This line of watches, offers the largest selection of the strap, which depends on the price and can reach $ 1,000.


The third and most expensive line, called Apple Watch Edition, are smart watches made of 18-carat gold.
The most expensive model of Apple’s watch is exactly from this line and will cost 17,000 dollars.


Apple watch requires having iPhone 5 or one of the newer models to install applications in order to connect the watch to your phone. According to the company, the watch battery lasts 18 hours for normal use. It can be recharged with a special magnetic connector.

One of the most useful things that this device have is that you don’t need to check your phoneit will for emails and notifications – now you can see the watch, to call through it and return to the message. Also, you can draw something on the screen and send it to the person you interact with at the moment.
You can share emoticons specially made for this watch, and even send information about the pulse and beat of your heart. These special features are called Digital Touch and can be activated by pressing the button on the side of the device.
It also has built-in fitness tracker.
Among the other options are: direct connection with Siri, getting directions, and more. Software developers are working on more specialized applications for this clock as Instagram, American Airlines application, Shazam, Twitter and many others.

Pre-orders is already mentioned on the Apple Store, it will begin on April 10th from $349 to $10,000 depending on style!