Apple Watch News and Watch Release Date!


If you check the apple web page you will see the concrete release date and it is “early 2015” after the Chinese New Year, which means after February 19. It can be March but also June or July …

The main question between the consumers is Why they cannot buy the apple watch during the Christmas shopping season or maybe for Valentine?

Apple sources informed (which is totally understandable when it comes to Apple) that they want to finish the software to work flawless before the official selling date.

Also important moment for Apple is to be sure that the apple watch battery lasts long enough so you can use the watch all day long without having to worry about the battery, to become Twitter and Facebook updates, check Mails, iMessages, Health, Calendar, Weather, Photos, Camera and also you can use it like a wallet.

It remains to us to be patient then to enjoy the Incredible Features of the Apple Watch.