Apple iOS 7 – the Proper Example for Simplicity & New Totally Different Experience!


Executive Director of Apple Tim Cook introduced the latest model of the Apple operating system iOS 7. It comes totally redesigned defined as the biggest change since the introductionof the iPhone and the six year old operating system.
Apple gives always dimension plus on the design, defining it as something much more than just a fine appearance of a subject.

It offers simplicity, which corresponds with minimalism!

Is a clear representation of these characteristics: functionality and practicality of many different levels, but above all simplicity and clear definition.
It has new structure, applied across the entire system, more useful, more enjoyable, major design changes, as well as multitasking support for all apps …
Apple people say: “Nothing we’ve ever created has been designed just to look beautiful.”

More colors via precise color palette and optimized typeface, which enables easier reading.
Safari browser received with a tab-swipe design that looks like iTunes’ Cover Flow.
The new iOS 7 camera provides more photo options, for example panoramic setup or special filters, organization of the photo memories by time and location.

The AirDrop feature provides one tap access for sharing items with other iOS 7 beneficiaries.
The new iOS 7 weather check gives you a real feeling like standing on the balcony or window and checking the weather.
iOS 7 is the connection between functional and enjoyment!

iOS 7 has changed lock screen
The notifications panel has now a very flat look and enables better visibility of events and birthdays.
White Transparent keyboard

The Control Center provides flashlight, together with tabs for camera, music and other quick access apps.

The Multitasking offers better usage of the battery.

The search is also simplified, allowing you quick access to your favorite and most visited website just with a single tap
New Safari browser is integrated.

AirDrop allows you to share files with your friends just with a simple tipping their name, NFC – not required.

Instagram must be honored — iOS 7 new photo filters give your photos professional look.

iCloud photo-sharing allows you also to share also videos.

There is also support for Twitter, Wikipedia, and searching results directly from Bing.

iOS in the Car
It allows you to search for directions, listen to music, etc.

iTunes Radio
offers you to see the complete song and history list together with purchase and preview buttons leading to the iTunes store.

Activation Lock
ensures security and if someone steals your iPhone and try to deactivate the option Find My iPhone, he will not be able to reactivate the smartphone without your iCloud password.

All fans of new technological breakthroughs will be able to enjoy the benefits of the iOS 7 at the end of this year!!!