Apple and Their Upcoming Products Based on Renewable Energy!

solar-power-apple We already know that Apple is working precisely on every detail of their articles honing them to perfection.

One of their main goals at this moment is: The using of 100 % renewable energy (including solar, wind, bio-gas, hydro energy and also geothermal) for powering every Apple building and article, thereby reducing the usage of the other types of expensive energy and still increasing the number of employees. They already have coverage of their facilities worldwide with over 75% renewable energy and they say: “We won’t stop working until we achieve 100 percent throughout Apple.” They also work on their upcoming products which will work on solar power or will be charged by solar power. Apple already experiments with the possibilities to offer solar powered products, like solar powered iPhone, iPad, MacBook and also solar powered SmartWatch.

This days they announced the new patent application, named Gesture and Touch Input Detection Through Force Sensing which will improve the precision of their devices, so they will be more Touch Sensitive and they also announced the newest patent for the two sided solar powered MacBook. According to the latest info’s from New York Times, the long expected iWatch will be the definitely revolutionary article also for the wearable tech family: it will have integrated solar panels in to the display; it will have solar powered batteries and will able for wireless charging.


Apple will definitely make the consumers happier, because the battery life of the smart devices is already big problem for them and shortens the enjoyment of using the “smart device”.

Apple announced that the next generation IPhone 6 will use sapphire glass. They made a contract with the company GT Advanced Technologies. One of the biggest advantages of the sapphire glass will be that it can be used at the same time as a solar panel for charging.