Apple and Corning Coalition for the Next Innovation – Products with Flexible Curved Glass & Display!


According to information’s from Bloomberg and The Verge, Apple is on the way to produce larger iPhones at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and touchscreens with flexible curved glass.
These products will be available for the end-costumers in the middle of next year.
Samsung already surprised with the first curved display article- Samsung Galaxy Round, 5.7-inch Android 4.3 smartphone, which is already available in Korea.
The rival LG launched in the same month their LG G Flex with 6-inch display.

Apple makes more experiments before they officially launch some article. So I think even if they plan to launch the new Apple product with flexible glass later than Samsung and LG, it will be the best sell and quality article on the market.
They announced, the iWatch will have curved glass and smartphone capabilities, running on the newest iOS operating system.
Last year, the CEO of the company Corning, Wendell Week, the producer of the extra-tough Gorilla Glass also used in the iPhone, said that they founded solution for the specific engineering challenge of creating bendable glass, so called Willow Glass.
He said for Forbes “It’s not a new story–it’s the same story updated for modern times,” ‘I want to turn the whole face of the screen into a display, and I need it strong, and I need it to be transparent.’”