Anxiety Attack: 15 Tips How to Relieve Christmas Stress!


Christmas Is the most beautiful blessed time of year. But the pressure of trying to achieve perfection at home, at work or to maintain balance in the social life is proving stress, and never more so than in December. Here are 15 Tips which will help you how to cope with stress and with the anxiety attack which can happen this period of the year and also every other day!

1. Controlled breathing can promote relaxation and reduce the effects of stress. Control your breathing and relax the nervous system
2. Vitamins B are known as stress killer. They protect the body against stress and depression.
3. Despite the festive cheer vibes over Christmas, go easy and avoid alcohol if you can.
4. Balance the meals and avoid products rich in sugar
5. Make a list with the things you really need. On this way you will save money and time for buying things you don’t need and you cannot use
6. Make some human act. During the holiday there is no better thing you can make than to make happy someone who really needs it: for example donate money in a hospital or donate blood and save someone’s life.
7. Play the game: Kris Kringle, which means everyone writes down a name on a hat and buys a present only for that person.
8. Plan ahead the money before you go shopping
9. Homemade gifts and handmade gifts are always a good idea. It is more personal and it saves you money.
10. Keep it simple. If you are preparing a dinner do not experiment. Make something easy and simple you know that your dearest eat and adore. Another option is to organize buffet dinner so everyone brings something delicious.
11. Stress, anxiety, and depression are normal part of the festive season. You should be prepared. If you are single don’t be sad or disappointed. Single doesn’t mean unhappy.
Enjoy with your dearest and do not expect miracles.
12. Sleep enough, because poor sleep contributes to stress and anxiety
13. Hear some chill pleasant music
14. Delight yourself with foaming bath and aromatherapy
15. Don’t forget to find time for exercising.