Amazing Facts About Baby Animals With Pictures Which Will Touch Your Heart!


We wrote a few weeks ago a text about animal parents with their babies which had many readers, so we decided to write a new one which will contain pictures of the most adorable baby animals, replenished with some interesting facts about the animal babies.

Below you can find amazing facts and pictures about elephant, hedgehog and flamingo babies.

Elephant – Name of the baby animal: Calf

– Elephant’s gestation ordinarily lasts around 2 years.
– Inter-birth intervals usually last 4-5 years.
– Births usually happen during the wet season.
– Generally a single baby is born. Twins sometimes occur.
– Calves are usually born 85cm tall and weight circa 120kg and they quickly stand and walk to follow their mother and the herd.
– Elephant females become sexually mature at the age of 9, while the males become mature at the age of 14-15.
– Adulthood about both sexes stars at about 18 years.
– Elephant’s life span usually reaches age of about 60-70 years.