I will begin with One of my favorite quotes:
“When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor” Paulo Coelho
Hi I’m Marija Dimzoska and welcome to my blog!

I’ll tell you the story how I came up with my idea about the page www.deluxebattery.com , something what I am doing with pleasure.

As a younger child I always had protectively – “moments”, instead of the cliché spoiled younger child.
I grew up in a family of archivist and accountant, normal family that cherished principles of being a good and honest person.
My mother used to read to me and my sister every night Leo Tolstoy’s books and many others.

I grew up careless with a lot of hanging out with my sister and our friends!

The Little Flower Girl

As I already mentioned, as a child I always had organizational and protectively – “moments”, instead of the cliché spoiled younger child.
Why? I think, for that is responsible my older sister. She was shy and she always cheered me to do some courageous move. For example when I was about 13 years old, our parents gave us an idea, to sell flowers during the summer holiday.
We had a plantation with beautiful flowers, so my dad prepared for us every morning about 50 flowers for sale.
Then, me and my sis walked around through the old bazaar and offered flowers to the people and to the flower shops.
My sister always sad to me: You should ask, if the people want to buy some flowers, you are more presentable!

Today, I am grateful to her for the encouragement and cheering.
Of course the money remained for us.
I remember, of that money, we have bought our first inline skates.

Today I am grateful to my parents. They showed me a great lesson, that “in the real life” there is no easy money. You have to put some effort if you want to make money honestly.

My present

A few days ago we celebrated 7 years birthday of the IT company for online support of online shops, mostly about batteries, chargers, LED lamps, where I’m working as a manager with a wonderful team.
We are working with full enthusiasm and every day we have new ideas and new challenges.

A result of a new idea is also this site www.deluxebattery.com, where am writing about the preducts, which I “meet” constantly during my work activities.

I’m captivated by every new innovation for renewable energy, therefore I am writing with pleasure also articles about solar power and other renewable energy sources.
I still love rollerblading. And I do that every day in summer passionately.
I still love to read …
During the studying I read a lot and I educated myself about the area leaders. I also visited numerous seminars for entrepreneurship. I believe that none success in this world comes accidentally, so it is also with my success.
I see every daily situation as a new opportunity to learn something or to make something new,  interesting & creative.
I go out often and I like the hanging out with my friends and my sister. I also like the long conversations and laughing with my parents, or the playing with my pets.

I travel a lot and I love taking pictures. It’s also my passion. I use to say: every trip is a new experience …

The section for husband and children remains now open. About that experience I will inform you in future. Now I’m still concentrating on the job and on the traveling.  … I must edit this now (2016), 3 years after 🙂 ,  happily married and having one little baby boy …
I will end the section about me with one of my life motto’s:
Don’t dream your life, live your dream!

.. and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or also via Find us on Google+

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