9 Futuristic Gadgets / Gizmos and Technologies!

Gadgets are already an integral part of our everyday lives. Slowly, but surely they have become an integral part of our everyday lives and we hardly wait to hear about the coming out of some new unusual tech discovery-

We have to admit that previously it seemed to us impossible to have some unusual tech-gadget, but today it is absolutely normal to meet someone on the street who wears Google glasses, Smart watch, someone who gives instructions to his iPhone via Siri … or someone who just has interesting conversation via Talk to the hand Gloves.

Very soon will the solar cars and solar gadgets, the driver-less cars, or facial recognition payment will be also normal part of our everyday lives.

Аnd all they innovations are good, while they are in addition to improvement of our daily lives and also they are in a favor of the Environmental Protection. Enjoy!
Nanotechnologies in Automobiles

Futuristic Internet Enabled Signs

Eco Cleaner for Dishes

Mood Monitoring Smartphones

Membrane Hybrid PC Concept

philips-hue-smart lighting accessories
Philips Hue Smart Lighting Accessories

Transparent TV-s

Face Dialing Phones For Seniors

Capable Cordless Copiers