8 Must Know Facts About the New Nintendo 2DS & Some Comparisons With Sony Vita and Xbox One!

nintendo-2dsThe world’s largest company for video games and electronic Nintendo (on English: leave luck to heaven) from Japan announced the surprise for all video games consumers with new version of its DS family gaming console.

It will be the 2DS model, the younger brother of 3DS.

It will have more affordable price than 3DS and will release in America and Europe in October 2013.

It won’t have stereoscopic 3D screen for producing tree dimensional effect, which some people named “End of the 3D gaming era” but it will play more than 2000 DS games, which are created for 3DS like: Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Angry Birds Star Wars, Arkham Origins Blackgate and much more …

It will cost $130, which means $40 less than 3DS and $70 the PlayStation Vita.

Through the so-called clam shell design it will work better for all those which don’t want to be separated from their Nintendo also when traveling.

It will offer the option for Multiplayer gaming and fun trough a local wireless connection.

It will have 3.53 inch display, as well as those from 3DS version.

It has a good 3,5-5,5 hours battery life while playing 3DS games and till 9 hours battery life while playing DS games, which means worse battery life than 3DS-s( till 6.5 hours for DS games and about 10 hours for DS games).

Together with 2DS and PlayStation Vita comes on the market also the Microsoft model Xbox One, which will release in November 2013 and complete the eight generation video games consoles.