8 FAQs About the Smart Hearing with the Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

The Number one option for hearing professionals
The world’s longest lasting hearing aid battery, which lasts 30% longer than Duracell and Energyzer.

Delivers up to 3 more days of battery life
Eco-friendly, without compromising performances
Here are the frequently asked questions about this type of batteries:

What is zinc air technology?

It is the most popular power technology for hearing aids. With a unique construction, that uses air form outside the battery, these batteries pack maximum energy into every battery cell.
With this type of batteries, you can await fewer battery replacements, better tones and less volume adjustments.

Are all hearing aid batteries mercury free?

Current zinc-air batteries accommodate less then 3% mercury by weight. This small amount remains because mercury:
Helps to suppress gassing in the battery
Is a good electrical conductor
Improves the discharge voltage
Improves initial life and retention
By using organic materials and eliminating contamination during the manufacturing process, Rayovac’s Mercury Free battery eliminates all the mercury and performs as well or better than current zinc-air batteries.

What are the most common battery sizes?

They are 4 Rayovac  battery sizes: 10, 13, 312 and 675

To identify the battery size, look for industry standard color codes and battery size numbers

How often should I change my hearing aid batteries?

Don’t wait until your aid signals low battery life to change your aid batteries!

Will the batteries differ from ear to ear?

Yes, of course. Each wearer chooses appropriate aid batteries for himself, regardless of the fact which batteries have proven to be appropriate for someone else.

How should the aid batteries to be stored?

Keep your aid batteries at room temperature
Refrigeration is also not advised
Keep the aid batteries away from children
If a battery is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately!

Can my battery be affect
ed by the weather?

Yes! Humid and tropical environments may contribute to destroying the quality of battery life.
Dryness from colder environments can sometimes dry out the battery causing premature failure

 What other factors impact hearing aid battery life?

Loud environment
The battery life of course becomes faster damages in a restaurants or rock concerts
Volume Setting
If you have your hearing aid “maxed out” on volume, this will prematurely drain the battery
Sweat & Perspiration

These are very bad for batteries and can cause the battery to short out. Make sure that your hearing aids are always dry and in good condition.