7 Simple but Important Tips for Making Creative & Cool Photography!


Photographing is a process that offers us not only capturing moments and having fun, but it offers also awakens of our creativity.

Before a shot, you should have in mind a few important “photo moments”:

1. The key point is to see things from a different angle. This will make your photography look original and unique.

2. You should always know exactly what you want to capture and concentrate on it.

3. Don’t let the bad weather stop you in your purpose to take a good photography. Go out and play with your camera.

Sometimes on the rainy weather you can take cool and originally photography, better than in an ordinary sunny day!

4. Be creative and make experiments!

5. Observe the nature, explore the world around you: animals, insects, colors and everyday situations on the street, as an idea for the perfect shot!

6. Have your photo camera and charged batteries always ready to hand.

7. Use the automatic focus of your camera and also the “macro mode” for clear photographing of small objects.

Nowadays there are a variety of good photo cameras by Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, and Olympus … but also the Smartphones are a great option for catching the perfect moment!

So let’s get moving into action 🙂 !