7 Secret Keys how to Maintain Lifelong Health and Wellbeing


Healthy Lifestyle
We all know the old good quote: you are what you eat. So the first step for maintaining lifelong health and wellbeing is the decision to eat healthy food. Select carefully the food and the ingredients you consume.
Eat colorful fresh vegetables and fruits.
Avoid sugar and soft drinks. Instead of that drink regular normal and mineral water, fresh squeezed juices and tea.
Especially important for your body is: drinking warm water with lemon every morning.

Exercising makes you feel better but also to strengthen your immune system and overcome many unwanted diseases. So do not think too much.
Become a member in the nearest gym to your home and exercise regularly, if you cannot do it every day than try to exercise 2-3 times per week.
You will feel better and also look better. But most important is: your immune system will be stronger.

Sleep Enough
The sleeping enables your brain the break it needs and keeps your body and mind fresh and healthy.
Gain routine to go to bed before 12 and sleep 6-8 hours.

Maybe you didn’t know but getting enough sleep keeps your weight within normal limits.
It reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, reduces the risk of wrinkles and of course it improves your mood.

Forget Cigarettes and Drugs
You are in the best position if you don’t smoke. But otherwise you must fight with the psychical moment to quit and stay quit smoking / drugs, vices which definitely shorten your life.
There are number of treatment centers which can help you. But your dearest family and friends are the first which can also contribute in stronger fight against cigarettes and drugs.

Healthy safe Sex
Yes, it is one of the key factors when it comes to Maintain Lifelong Health and Wellbeing.
Get tested regularly before and while you are in the relationship. The best way is to go to the doctor together with your partner. But otherwise practice safe sex one-night-stands with people people you don’t know well.
Choose sexual partners smartly; use regularly latex condoms or female vaginal condom

Scientists confirm there’s a new reason to put on a happy face: People who smile more aren’t just stronger, happier in their marriages, and better at getting along with others—they also live longer.
So, Smile more – live longer!


Don’t forget to make friends, to gain healthy friendship and social life, because friends are one of the main sources which bring meaning and fulfillment in your life. The activities and laughing with them prolong your life.