7 Priceless Advices How to Lose Weight Fast!


To be honest, everyone wants to have the perfect weight and at the same time to enjoy the food.

The important thing is to establish a balance to forget the starving but at the same time to achieve the perfect weight and to feel great.

So here are the secret rules you must always have on mind:

Eat before you exercise

People think more correctly is to work out hungry than to have a good high-protein portion. But according to the last studies at the University of Arkansas, those who ate good protein meal before working out have more energy, practice more productive and burn more calories than those who decided to stay hungry.

Exercise in a group

You will be more motivated while working out with friends or relatives, than alone.

By having fun and talking you won’t notice that the time has passed and you burned number of calories.

Drink water before starting to eat

It gives you a quick sense of satiety and you won’t have the feeling you are so hungry you can eat everything you see.

Should I forget the dessert?

Do not put limits on anything. It will only make to think more of it and later to eat more of it. So if you want to have some cookie or ice cream after the meal enjoy it but try not to eat late. Let the body to have time to digest the food.

Do not highlight the moment that you are doing a “Diet”

Program the brain to think that you are just doing positive changes in your lifestyle.

Because the accentuation of the moment that you are doing a diet gives your brain signals that you have some barrier and placed rules that your brain will want to break. It is in a human nature!

Sleep enough

The sleep 6-8 hours gives the body the necessary time to rest and to achieve normal metabolism. Try to go to sleep at the same time every day.

Walk & Run

Whenever you have the opportunity walk, run, drive bicycle… Forget the car and public transport, you will enjoy the city and the nature and at the same time you will burn calories. If you are tired of the walking on the same way every day, change it, choose some other way some other street. I am doing it and I can claim it works!!!
Running is also one of the best ways how to lose weight fast. So run, alone or with friends enjoy, lose weight and look great!