7 Magical Healthy Foods & How To Do Detox Diet?!

The best present you can give to your body is detoxification or removing of all toxic substances from your body. There are a lot of ways to do it.
There are lot discussions about the detox diets and numbers of questions like:

Do we really need a detox diet?

Yes, we need them definitely. But you should consult a doctor / nutritionist and physician before starting it and make easy detox plan.

Does the detox diet really Work?
You will loose on weight and clean your body from toxins

Which are the Cons (risks) of the detox diet?!

They are short-term diets and may be risky and the risks are:
possibly of eating disorders, gas, diarrhea and they are not allowed to teenagers and pregnant women
But above all they are typically are short term diets, so you don’t have to worry

Which are the must eat body cleansing products you should eat regularly and not just when you are on diet:

We all know the old good quote: “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!”

And it is definitely true. They are the perfect food for detox diet,

Boost our immune system
Detoxify our liver
White and healthy teeth
Keep Alzheimer’s away from us
Decrease the risk’s of diabetes
Reduce the risk of cancer
Healthy hearth

Grapes are high in water content and good for hydration,

Reduce the risk of allergies
Contain powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which prevents against many types of cancer
Contain natural sugars and also fiber

Counted in the list of the world’s heftiest food and here are the reasons why:
Prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Acts as a barrier to bacteria
Good for hydration and clear skin
Heart protection
Reduce the risk of 

Lemon and limes
Strong antioxidant
Rich source of vitamin C
Drinking warm water with lemon every morning helps cleansing out toxins and maintains the pH levels in the body
Antibacterial antiviral
Brain and nerve cells refresher
Liver cleanser
Prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne

Dark Leafy Greens
Spinach and other Leafy greens must be mentioned in this article because the have numbers of nutrients in a low calorie package.

Healthy and shiny for skin and hair,
Healthy bones
They provide protein and iron, vitamins and minerals.

Improving blood glucose and control in diabetics,
Lowering the risk of developing asthma and cancer

Lowering the bad cholesterol
Helps treating diabetes
Reduce the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells
Honey and Cinnamon is the best body peeling
Fights the bacteria Candida and Escherichia coli

Hazelnuts, Almonds & Nuts
High in vitamin E
Lower bad cholesterol
Reduces heart disease risks without to putting on weight
Boost the sexual potency / aphrodisiac, stimulant for natural libido

You can enjoy this vitamin bombs every morning, here are my 3 Simple healthy recipes:

Homemade Fresh Cranberry Juice
Mix 8 cups fresh cranberries, 8 cups water, 1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange or lemon juice

Lemon with warm water

Squeeze one lemon in 1l warm water, you can also add mint and cucumber it will make the fresh detox juice even more concentrated and healthy

Mix 3 spoons honey, cinnamon by your wish and lemon

Gratis Sexy Mix Recipe:
Mix as you wish: hazelnuts, almonds, nuts, flax seed, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds and take one spoon of it every morning.