7 Incredible Good Reasons Why to Have Sex Every Day!


Your girlfriend / boyfriend is “not in the mood” again?
Then this article will definitely change their mind!
According to the latest studies regular sex can boost the mood, the health and the wellbeing
One of the most important moments to know is: let the foreplay start right after your last sex session, and not few minutes before it! So let’s begin. These are the answers why is good to practice regular sex.

1 You look younger
The scientist including Dr David Weeks, clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, revealed with examples that partners, which are having regular sex, look 5-7 years younger than their actual age.
During the sex the natural steroid DHEA which is also known as anti-aging hormone, flows through the body and after the orgasm keeps the body fitter than before.

2 Boost the fertility
Studies have shown that semen health was the best by those men who have regular sex.

Regular sex also balances the woman’s hormones and regulates her periods, which also boost the chances of conceiving.

3. Boost the immune system
Regular sex increases the levels of immunoglobulin A in the body, which is responsible for flu and colds protection.

It also avoids heart attack according to study at Queen’s University Belfast.

4 Increases your attractiveness to others
Regular sex helps the body release more pheromones, which are responsible for giving signals of attraction to the opposite sex

5 Smooths out your wrinkles
Most important for the ladies! Regular sex pumps out estrogen, hormone important for female sexual and reproductive development. It also pumps higher levels of oxygen and promotes skin renewal, which makes the skin look fresh and smooth.

6. Improves your self-esteem and Destroys depression

Studies and the real life have shown that people who have regularly sex feel better and shine with self confidence
It helps the brain to release feel good chemicals that boost your levels of serotonin – the hormone of happiness which destroys the depression

7 Cures headache

“Having a headache” is often used phrase as a reason not to have sex, but next time befor saying it try to do the contrary and see the result.