7 Geeky Camping Gadgets!


We offered you in our previous text the Must Have Waterproof Devices for this summer for those who want to spend this summer in the beach, in lake or enjoy to lay down by the pool.

But maybe you are between those people who prefer to spend their summer vacation in some unusual way?

Camping maybe?

If you desire that kind of adventure, far away from the crowded beaches, you should check these 7 geeky camping gadgets and take some of them with you.

Earl is a backcountry survival tablet which is engineered for the most extreme outdoor situations. It works where the modern smartphones and tablets cannot. It combines efficiency with intuitive design and it is equipped with Android 4.1. It has a weather sensor, radio communication technology, the latest in GPS and an energy saving E-Ink screen. With this gadget you can have control of your journey and have all the time the information about your elevation, direction and location.

Eton Scorpion
It is a solar powered all-terrain unit and also a multitasking device. It’s at the same time a flashlight, USB cell phone charger, radio, bottle opener and probably your favourite gadget from now on.

PowerTrekk is a revolutionary portable charger that generates electricity from water by itself. It is based on Swedish Fuel Cell Technology that uses the hydrogen from water and converts that into electricity. With one myFC Puck and a little bit of water you can get 1200mAh (4Wh). The internal battery can be either charged via the Fuel Cell or via the electrical outlet, if you have one in your nearby.

Solar Camp Shower
The camping is a really unique experience that offers unforgettable beauties, but we must admit that there is also one disadvantage. The shower is a real problem especially if you are in place where there is no water. In this situation can really help one Solar Camp Shower that keeps up to 5 gallons of water heated and ready for whole 8 minutes of warm washing joy.

BioLite CampStove
BioLite CampStove is a little stove that cooks your meal using nothing but twigs you can collect on the go to your journey and you don’t need to worry about carrying gas. Its most amazing feature is that can convert the heat from the fire into usable electricity in way that you can charge your gadgets while you’re cooking your dinner

SteriPen Water Purifier
This water purifier destroys more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms with UV rays.

Sherpa 50 Solar Kit
Is a fully –fledged recharging solar kit. This gadget can be fully charged off the wall in 2-3 hours, from your car in 4-6 hours and 5-10 hours from the included solar panel. Plug in your tablet, laptop or charger. If you want to stay unplugged in those camping days Sherpa 50 Solar Kit is definitely the best investment if you prefer camping often.
So, which one do you prefer? A beach or a camping