7 Facebook Messenger Tips

Facebook Messenger have 800 million active users per month. However, most of them use it for chatting, but the application offers a lot more.


In the past year, Facebook Messenger wanted to be an application that will not only serve to chat, and after so many updates you may not have noticed some of the beneficial features. Mashable created a list of cool tips that will help you get the best from this application.

Facebook Messenger has its own website. Unlike the two different mobile applications, the two different sites are logical. For example, you can chat the news from your timeline wont distract you ate the same time. The interface is minimal and clean, similar to the application interface.

You don’t need a Facebook account to use it.
Anyone with his phone number can access Facebook Messenger and the options. All you need to do is install the application and click Not on Facebook button.

Turn OFF notifications. In certain conversations you can disable the notifications by clicking on the name at the beginning of the group. In the dropdown menu you can choose how long you want the notifications to be turned off – 15 minutes, one hour, 8 hours, etc. Also, you can turn them off completely.

Sending pictures from your friends. Photo Magic option uses facial recognition and helps you easily to send photos to your friends. When the option is enabled, if the application recognizes any of your friends on your pictures, it will ask whether you want to automatically forward those photos to the friends who recognized them.

Send your current location. You can send yours or any location. Click the icon More, and then Location. Look for a location that interests you and follow.

You can send GIF photos. Click on More button and you’ll see a list of other applications that you can install. As an option you can see GIPHY, then click to install. When you install the application, you can select GIF icon at the bottom of the conversation to search GIF photos.

Edit messages using emoticons. You can change the look of your messages. Click the name of your friend to view additional options. You can change the color of the conversation, emoticons and etc.