7 Benefits of Lemon Which Will Prolong Your Life – Lemon Warm Water Detox Diet, Lemon & Baking Soda!


The Wise Old Egyptians used lemon since the fourteenth century.
They believed that eating and drinking lemon completely cleanses the body of toxins and supplies the body with the needed energy.

There are a lot of useful must know information’s about the lemon, which were well known to our grandmothers and great grandmothers …
So here are the 7 Hidden secret benefits about the lemon which you always must have in mind.

7 main Benefits of lemon:

Strong antibacterial & Antiviral
Fight infections
Weight loss
pH body Balancer the body and
Liver Cleanser
Skin Cleanser

The Lemon is also teeth whitener and  has citric acid, which is great dietary supplement and at the same time has many benefits for the skin and the whole body.
It is also effective for acne treating, because it kills the bacteria which cause the acne.

Consumption of lemon every morning must be one of your basic morning routines.

The newest research studies on the healing properties of lemons and limes have shown fascinating results, that the lemon and limes consumption can be directly associated with the reduced risk of various diseases.

Most Commented latest information’s about the lemon and limes were that it reduces the risk of cancer, especially in combination with baking soda.
Dr. Marty Pagel, from the Arizona’s Cancer Center is doing researches which should contribute to the finding a cure for the cancer.
AmericaNowNews wrote:


The researchers are not fully complete, they are still ongoing. He as well as other scientists and doctors still didn’t confirm for 100% the effectiveness of using baking soda and lemon in the treatment of various types of cancer.
As mentioned above the researches have shown significant results, which is an additional encouragement for further researches for finding solution and Cure.

I will gladly to share with you my well known recipes with lemon, warm water, honey and cinnamon.

What I can guarantee is that it helps to look and feel fresh and also and also prevents you to put on weight. Here is the simple recipe:

Everything that you need is:

Warm water (not hot)
½ lemons
Lemon squeezer
1 glass
Squeeze a whole lemon into the cup of water. You can optionally add honey, but never sugar!
It is the world’s best cheap juice rich in antioxidants.
Another magical recipe for a super start to the day is:
Prepare in the evening small cup with honey, cinnamon and half drained lemon. mix it with a teaspoon and let stand until the next morning.
Then you can enjoy and reward your body with inner detoxification and peeling

That is the best present you can give to your body in your daily routine. It will be thankful to you!