6 Top Important to Know Questions and Answers about Urbee and the Idea!


Why the car is named “Urbee”?

Urbee is a shortcut from the words: Urban + Electric vehicle +Ethanol as back-up and at the same time the name is sympathetic, attractive and urban, same as the car itself.
The team calls it car for everyone and simply “The perfect urban vehicle for the 21st Century”.
When the car will be officially appear on the market for sale?
At this moment exist Urbee and the first prototype Urbee 2, but they are still not available for the consumers on the market. The team plans to make a pilot-run project after the second prototype, so after the pilot project they will be in a position to produce and to sell it officially for everyone.

Is Urbee reliable on the road?

Yes, definitely. It achieves the standards for safety car, set in North America and Europe. The so called two-seater car model is one of the safest cars worldwide, thanks to its design.
The Team uses computer crash simulation software, in order to check the resistance and the reliability of the car and they also plan for Urbee to pass more technical safety inspections before the official putting into sale.
One of them will be 24 hour drive on the famous “Le Mans race” in France.

Design and functionality!?
Urbee has 3in one sophisticated futuristic design, which unites simplicity (which is more difficult to produce, knowing the simple design and functionality of the Apple devices) ecological responsibility and durability.
It is a 3-wehicle car, based on hybrid drive system, which combines more than one energy source to work perfectly.

The system, developed by the company KOR contains the following major components:

2 electric traction motors
Battery bank
On board battery charger and alternator for charging the battery bank via IC Engine
Electric starter motor
International combustion Engine
2 Cone Clutches
Electric Controller
Three chain drives

All this components work in addition to produce energy needed for efficient functioning and to minimize the energy losses.

It uses electrical energy stored in the on-board batteries to power electric motors and chemical energy from ethanol to power the internal combustion (IC) engine.
It is also the world’s first 3D printed car, which offers simpler producing of car parts, strong and also light using different materials which are 100% recyclable like plastic, metal, glass . ..
Responsible for the 3D printing is the company RedEye by Stratasys,the world’s leader company for prototyping services and direct digital manufacturing. It is also the first ISO 9001:2008 Certificated company. Jim Bartel, the VP of the company said: “A future where 3D printers build cars may not be far off after all”.
The team believes that the production of Renewable Energy cars is vital for the civilization’s survival.

What makes the connection between Urbee and the Solar energy?
Urbee can be operated by solar cells, placed on the roof of the car or also on the owner’s garage roof, which will charge its on-board batteries. The solar cell will redirect the solar power into renewable energy for the car.

The Team
It’s about great team of 17 people, engineers, designer, project manager’s, developers, led by Jim Kor, President & Project Leader …

The main question they tried to answer with the producing of this car is “finding a balance between the technology and the nature”.

The main Idea of the team is to make something new for the world, for the environment and of course for the next generations.
One of them, Blaine McFarlane, Mechanical Engineering Manager, mentioned the insightful words of Moses Henry Cass as one of his motto’s, which explain the whole positive energy in the team:
“Do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”