6 Tips How to Make Your Relationship Work!


Having a Healthy relationship is the desire of each of us, because love is the greatest driving force of the world.
But every one of us has experienced the bitter pain of unhealthy relationship.
You love and adore that person invest too much in that relationship but somehow things are not going as they should normally, you don’t get any feedback.

So you ask yourself 1000 of questions like:

What is the problem?
How to make a relationship better?
How to make a relationship stronger?
What did I do wrong in this relationship?
Should I end the relationship?
How to end the relationship?

The basis of a good relationship should be set on the start!
So let’s start. One of the first mistakes we all make is:

Too fast and furious!
Yes you have finally founded your soul mate you have been searching for.
You want to be together with the new partner all time long and to share with him / her the love you feel.
Advice: You won’t make a mistake if you consciously slow down. It will only contribute to a healthy and stable relationship. This is the basis for making long distance relationships work.

Especially if he / she still carries the burden of a previous relationship with him.
That does not mean you’re not good enough for him / her. But, give the relationship time.

Don’t change yourself!
The relationship will definitely change you and get you deny certain things or be more tolerant about some things.
The partner should love you as you are. Otherwise, everything else is a failed relationship.
Sometimes you should break your own rules, but be realistic and objective.
Breaking the rules shall be with measure and realistically!

Don’t control your partner!
Work on the mutual trust from the beginning. Do not control your partner! Do not check him/her the phone. Do not play games. It only defines you as a insecure person and thereby you just collect negative points by the partner.

Feel comfortable (above all in your own skin)
No matter where you are, that moment when you really have brought the relationship on an upper stage, is when you don’t have to go out, in some clubs or restaurants to Have Fun With Your Love.
What matters is: Feeling comfortable with your love no matter where you are and with whom you are. Be spontaneous and relaxed it is the most Аttractive For Your Partner!
The moment, which is 1000 words worth, is the moment when just one hug tells everything and you don’t have to say nothing, you just simply enjoy the silence.

Be honest
From the very first beginning…. Find time! Peacefully and openly talk about your feelings, about your problems you want to share or also about some things in the relationship which in your opinion the partner doesn’t detect and you think they should be discussed and changed.

Misunderstandings are integral part of every healthy relationship! But you must know that good constructive fight, which is not followed by insults, but specifically on reviewing and discussing the problem, makes your relationship stronger.

Love means knowing to say “I am sorry” and also: “I was wrong!”

Take care of yourself!
Don’t forget yourself! The biggest mistake is to neglect yourself and to put your partner in the foreground. Stay healthy, positive and beautiful! Don’t forget to Exercise regularly! That is the keywords on which your partner pays the biggest attention and will do all time long.