6 Magical Steps How to Improve Your Life!


The beginning of a new year is always the perfect moment to examine ourselves and to make some prio -must do list.
Nobody’s perfect, but being a better person is always a good challenge.
This list is a simple guide of ideas and goals, and if you follow the list, at the end of the year the positive effects will be definitely visible.
You are the dictator of your own life, and only you have the power to control it.

Take action!
Start to act today.
If you are not satisfied with the work, try to find new job.
Enough complaints and regrets, it’s time to act. Prepare your CV and take action.
If you feel strange disturbance in yourself that things are not as they should be, it’s time to change something and to improve your daily life to contribute to the things and to improve them in addition to your personal fulfillment.
If you are overweight, change urgently the food habits and concentrate focus on more physical activity, whether if walking, running, gym, fitness …
If you’re not satisfied with your relationship, break up with your partner.
Better alone, than in bad company!
Completion of something that doesn’t make you happy means “closing one door” and it opens new opportunities, for a new, better life.

Eliminate everything that makes you nervous!
If someone in your company enjoys provoking and always prepares some new conflict talk with him/her, find solution, otherwise eliminate such people from your life.
Avoid fake friends, friends which constantly complain and do nothing to improve something in their life, eliminate selfish persons, which constantly seek favors without return, materialistic friends or friends who make you feel uncomfortable in any way.
Because the real honest friendships bring positive influence on your health and the life is a too short for false friendships!

Learn from mistakes!

I have mentioned that no one is perfect, but the ignorance and the repetition of the mistakes will definitely guide you in the wrong direction.
It is so simple, every mistake, yours or from someone in your circle understand like a new lesson in your life.
Because if you repeat doing things that are not right, you will get results that you don’t like.

Stop worrying!
Stop worrying, because the continuous worrying just takes your energy and prolongs the time, you can use for finding a good solution for some problem.
Start today, take a piece of paper and Write down everything that gives you causes for concern and drags you down.
Never give up. You won’t change the things overnight, but if you don’t start from somewhere, you won’t change something you do daily and causes to you anxiety, stress, worries …
Make a small step every day, it means a lot on long terms …
So for some time you will notice differences, fewer worries, you will feel much better, you will stumble across better people and you will make better decisions.

The Power of Forgiveness!

Forget about your ego! You will find peace just by the learning to forgive.
Martin Luther King said: “Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.”
So simply gain strength, get faced with someone who wronged you and forgive.

Be spontaneous!
Nowadays to be relaxed and spontaneous is a true blessing!
Too much planning and too many expectations just prevent you from the goal to be sincerely happy.
So relax and let the little things make you happy like: smile for the new sunny day, kiss from your darling, relaxing coffee break with the best friend or colleague, short lovely sms, sincere hug from a child, walking with your pet , simple bouquet of flowers, visiting some new destination