6 Awesome Futuristic Home Ideas!


The global warming and climate conditions changing together with the population growth and the fast lifestyle dictate new requirements in the homes design.
Those who are in the process of building a new home have one common idea:

Practical modern minimalistic home design and in the same time in addition to the environment protection using solar, water and wind power.
Most important thing is to give that place your personal touch and at the end call it rightfully your own home sweet home.

Forbes and many others already made some lists of the most beautiful and futuristic eco houses.
In order to help you and to give you an idea plus concerning your new home follow 7 Deluxe futuristic house concepts.

Tornado-Proof Home

First and most important for the areas with tornadoes and storms is stable and resistant house to such natural disasters.
One of the most favorite safe types of houses for these areas is the so called Tornado-Proof Home.
To be honest this type of house it is very expensive and not so good looking, but safe.
The exterior of the house, inspirited by large underground cavern, will not delight you as much as the practicability in its case.
At the first sign of potential storm or tornado, the home’s exterior falls and retracts underground thanks to the integrated sensor networks which monitor the weather.

California Roll House by Christopher Daniel

To be honest, this house concept is my favorite, Designed by Christopher Daniel intended for desert environment.
Must know Characteristics:
Exterior wrapped in design
Energy efficient surface which reflects the heat

Hydraulically powered doors and glass walls on the side which can be electronically controlled and change their transparency depending on it if the owner wants to have dimmed space and privacy or daily light in the room.

Water Discus Concept

If you are the type who loves to be near the water whether it is fabulous pool, Ocean Sea, river or lake and

of course if you want to invest some money plus in your cool modern water home,

contact the company Deep Ocean Technology.

The company was founded in 2010. They are concentrated on designing underwater hotels and deep sea equipment.

But maybe they can give you some idea for your underwater home.

Take a look of the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai, made of two discs under and above water.

Owning this type of house gives you the opportunity to enjoy every morning waking up in the awesome underwater bedroom.

So you can see the underwater world after waking up.


Urban Tree House

If you want to have your own peace in greenery in the forest you can use the idea from the Jason Lubutkah of Jason David Designs in New York City.
This type of house will definitely represent your perfect corner away from crowd and stress, the place where you can recharge your batteries and find some inspiration.

Retro Futuristic House Design
For those who, despite modern design ideas do not want to be separated from the retro style this is the perfect concept of home
Combination of retro and futuristic design is great idea for home because at the same time it is cool modern and warm contemporary living area.

Shell House

The futuristic house-shaped shell like the one in In Karuizawa, Japan takes also place on my list because of the entire look which is at the same time sympathetic and so futuristic.
Characteristics: two ovals facade shaped in a form of shale
It can be situated in some green forest but also by the ocean. The choice is yours!