5 Unique Places for Visiting in Spain!


Spain is a top class tourist destination, wherein Madrid is the capital city of the same. You can catch a direct flight from your city to Spain.

Top 5 unique places for visiting in Spain are as follows:

Palacio Real

This is known to one and all as the most magnificent buildings, which you come across on a visit to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. The Palacio Real is actually the official residence of the King of Spain. But the building is also utilized for conducting ceremonies at the State level. The meaning of Palacio Real is Royal Palace’. The building was built between 1738 and 1755 and King Carlos III occupied the palace in 1764, just a year after the completion of the building.

Running of Bulls

A lot of Hollywood and Bollywood pictures have projected the bull festival happening in the heart of Spain. Pamplona is a city in Navarra, and it is here where the festival is held. It is called the San Fermin festival held between July 6th and July 14th year after year More than a dozen bulls are left on crowded streets and people run helter skelter, fearing their lives. And these bulls are directed to the fighting arena, where thousands of onlookers watch the bulls fighting.

La Concha

La Concha is situated in San Sebastian. The ocean is protected from strong winds as there are presence of numerous cliffs and islands enclosing the ocean, as such It is also the cleanest and most serene beaches found in Europe, Spain. You can go for sea-surfing, look around for some great restaurants near the bay area and you can have fun viewing the beautiful serenity, the beach area has got to offer. Not to forget your camera, to capture nature at its very best.


This is yet another rare and uninhabited tourist spot, worth giving a visit in Spain. Situated between Madrid and Valencia, the medieval city was built on the steep sides of the mountain. Can you ever imagine life, at the edge of mountains? Then this particular extravagant tourist spot is worth giving a visit. The hanging houses are built right across the cliff edge, which makes Cuenca the striking towns in Spain.


You all must have heard of the song, Going to Ibiza’ from the album composed by Venga Boys. Ibiza is also known as the most spectacular islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island, no wonder is a party destination all over Europe.

Tourists and glamorous holidayers, including celebrities flock the place during summers. The night clubs, beach bars and restaurants in the island city, give you a happening holiday in town. These are the top 5 unique places for visiting in Spain, which you should simply not miss out on Pack your bags right away and enjoy life, the spirited way!

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