5 Top Advantages of the iOS 7 iTunes Radio!


One of the new features of the iOS 7 operating system is the iTunes Radio. Many suspect that the radio is something that is not particularly new and especially interesting and will be similar to Google Play Music and many music platforms, which already have it in some form.
But according to critics, it can be a real boom for the music fans!

1. It will be your personalized radio, available on the Apple devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, Apple TV.

2. You’ll have the option Featured Stations on the top, inspired by the music you already listen to, with more than 200 stations.

3. Via iCloud you can store more than 25,000 songs and the music you purchase via iTunes will appear on your Apple device, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in every occasion.
You will also have the ability to choose in which direction you want to move with the style of music that you listen via dialing the options Play More Like This / Never Play This Song.

4. With your buddy Siri you will be able to arrange what type of songs you want to hear and also what type of songs you don’t want to hear more popular songs or more unknown songs, depending on your mood via the option “Play more like this” or also You can find out who performed the song via the option “Who sings this?”.

5. Via iTunes you will have access to thousands of new songs every week.

You’re on your own DJ selecting music collection that You love and want to hear.

According to the journalist Charles Arthur, the iTunes Radio can be be worth a small fortune for Apple. Why? Find out more here!