5 Rookie Apps for a Better iPhone Photography!


The iPhone you own has a fantastic camera and is good enough to offer you a new different photographer experience and fun with your friends.
But to truly get the best experience, you’re gonna need to grab a few extra apps.

Here are some apps that every iPhone photographer can use in their toolkit.

One of the favorite apps for most iphone users for editing their photo needs. From cropping to straightening, snapseed has almost all the tools you need to upgrade your photo abilities. Unlike some other filter-based apps, you have a complete control over the adjustment, with one word simplicity.
Price: free

The iPhone’s built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) can be helpful sometimes, but you can get better-looking HDR photos using this application. Pro HDR allows you to take lovely pictures even if you only use the automatic settings. If you want more, you can also set the exposures manually, which will then be added into a single good-exposed photo. It’s also necessary to keep your iPhone stable and you can use the Pro HDR without a tripod.
Price: $1.99

This app is a combination between Instagram and Camera+.
A powerful editing tool with full of filters to improve your photo abilities, easy to use, tons of advanced filters, and provides a sharing option which allows you to share it with your friends. You have the possibility to upload all your photos to your own page on VSCO grid. It has also options for Copyright your photos, which is very important especially for the profi photographers.
Price: free

Camera +
Fast, easy to use, feature packed, and constantly updated.
With this app you can isolate the focus including the exposure, lock white balance, see ISO and shutter acceleration, image stability, timer, You have also the possibility to add effects, to make layers, balance the photo …
Price: $1.99

This app makes it quickly and easy at the same time to edit your portrait photos. Face tune clears the zits, “irons” the wrinkles, whitens the teeth, … Easy to use, even if you’re not passionate photographer, this app is worth a look.
Price: $2.99