5 Must Know Facts About the National Tequila Day!


1.The name Tequila comes from the region where it is originated – the city Tequila in the western pacific area of Mexico.

2. There are two basic types of tequila: mixtos (contains 51% agave ) and 100% agave

and 5 categories:

Extra Añejo

3. With the tequila are made many cocktails, but the most famous coctail, which also made the tequila popular in USA is the cocktail Margarita

4. There are various ways worldwide to drink tequila, I personally love the way of drinking tequila with the lime and salt on hand, but the most traditional way in Mexico is to drink it straight, without lime and salt.

5. And finally and most importantly: Tequila Makes You Smarter and also has some health benefits!

Cheers! Have fun and don’t forget to make interesting and creative photos today!