5 Interior Design Trends You Should Steer Clear Of in 2016


Like fashion, trends in interior design are cyclic; they go and come back over time. However, some ideas have been done too often, or are simply not practical to have in your house anymore, even if they were once vogue and chic. While your home’s décor should be reflective of your tastes and personality, it’s important to know where to draw the line when following trendy ideas so that the space remains tastefully decorated for everyone that will see it. Below are five trends you can let go of, according to the experts:

Shiny objects

Diamonds and bling may be a girl’s best friend, but gone are the days when blinging up your house was a sign of glam and wealth. Sure, you can still have one attention-grabbing shiny piece in each room, but any more and you run the risk of looking tacky. Today, home décor is about suffused charm through subtly elegant pieces and muted sophistication. Shiny pieces may draw attention away from the other charming aspects of the space, not to mention the annoying reflective effect depending on where they are placed.

Multipurpose storage cabinets

This was once a common feature in the average family living room – one until to hold almost everything: sound system, television, trophies, books and even crockery and china. While quite functional, wall units are no longer a vogue piece of furniture to have. Such units have been ditched in favor of minimalistic and sleek display pieces. Avoid having it around, as it simply occupies too much space, and can be hard to keep clean.

Too much grey

Grey in all its tones made a debut into the interior design scene a few years ago and took it by storm. With good reason too, there’s something subtly sophisticated about pastel shades, but only if they are used sparingly to complement and neutralize much bolder/eclectic aspects of any space. Having too many greys will make you home look lifeless and boring. Use grey sparingly and infuse different textures and tones to keep it exciting when used.

White furniture

White furnishings are a sign of immaculateness and wealth. The danger with buying into the stunning displays and brochures and getting white furniture in residential properties is that once you get it home, you’ll find keeping it clean not worth the trouble. This is especially true if you have little children, clumsy house guests and/or live in a windy and dusty are. White furniture is simply impractical to have, but if you must, invest in non-upholstered items that are easier to keep clean.

Table and sofa covering
There was once a time when we had frilly table linens and sofa coverings to prevent damage from spillage, but this is a fad that was only for the 90’s. If you have young children who could dirtify furniture, invest in stylish cushion covers which can be taken out and washed, but don’t have the outdated looks of draping’s on seats. Draping your tables and chairs actually makes you look cheap, even though it is highly functional. If you can afford it, go for leather seats which are easy to wipe down, but steer clear of any form of linen or drapery on furniture.

Author bio:
Isabella Rossellini is a real estate and interior design expert who has more than ten years’ experience handling residential projects in Mulund, Mumbai and elsewhere. Click here to learn more about building a life in Mulund, Mumbai.