5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Solar Energy


1. What Is Solar Energy?

The energy which releases the sun is called solar energy. It is the earth’s primary energy, which ranges the functioning of the entire living world on the earth.

Sun as a gravitational epicenter keeps the planets of the solar system to move in their orbit, gives us vitamin D, which is necessary for the immune system, helps the process of photosynthesis to happen and thereby stimulates the process of oxygen-producing.
The sun is the most substantial power source of renewable energy, so called clean energy, which brings us: clean environment, reduced electricity costs in homes and businesses and safety.

2. How to Store Solar Power?

For storage and generating of solar energy is necessary to supply the proper equipment.
Solar panels are the most important element for the expansion of renewable energy resources
They should be set up at the appropriate place, where is enough sunlight during the day. The equipment appears to be expensive, but it is very worth investing!
The “power” of the sun, by innovative silicon technology, can be converted into thermal energy or into electrical energy, with Photovoltaic Generators.

3. Investing in Solar Panels – Does it Really Worth?

Yes, because the sun energy is gratis energy.
The solar technology is very young, but strong. It is constantly being developed and is constantly growing up.
Solar energy is a very large constituent of any “renewable energy” one can imagine, and is here, prepared to be used at this moment.
Of course it will continue to make progress and will be developed.
But! At this time it is already sophisticated technology with well-established track record.
Installation and equipment will have paid for itself in about 7 – 10 years.

4. Do Solar Panels Work in Winter or When it’s Cloudy?

Sunlight is substantial for the solar panels, but even when winter or when it’s cloudy the solar energy will be provided. Of course not with the same intensity as when it’s sunny, but it provides enough energy to cover a significant part of our daily needs.
Proof that it works is Germany. The country is presently, the world’s leader in producing solar energy!
On a cloudy day, the panels will generate, about 30% of what they usually would.
But the snow can be a problem. It can stop the process of producing solar energy.
There are a lot of tips to get the snow of the panels, like heating, or waiting for the snow to melt, or brushing off …

But the best advice is:

When you install solar panels keep an eye to choose the best angle. That allows the snow to slide down of the panel.
If you are not sure which option is the best for you, better consult a professional ;)!

5. How Often Should I Clean the Solar Panels?

Service and maintenance of the panels should be carried out by specialized company in that area, which has a technical and operational resources and trained professional support.
The cleaning is performed by special sensitive brushes for glass and solar panels.
It is recommended to clean the panels every 4 mounts.
The benefits of the cleaning are protecting and broadening the efficiency of the panels.