5 Facts About Your Life You Should Keep Private on Facebook!


There are things which should not be shared on Internet. Maybe the sharing of some facts on the social networks, especially on Facebook seem to be unimportant for you, you should understand it very seriously and disrupt your privacy.
So try not to share the following facts, if not necessary:

1. Your private address
Every robber will use it as opportunity to enter in your house while you are publish photos from somewhere else, some vacation or business trip, which means you are not at home.

2. Facts related to your business life
You must keep private everything about your workplace, about your company and the colleagues.
In this case, you are protecting yourself not just from the identity rubbers, but also from bickering and problems in the workplace.
Some of the facts might not be favored by your chef or colleagues so it will incur negative working atmosphere.

3. Your relationship status
I am sure that you have more than 500 friends on Facebook. But I am also sure that not everybody wants to see you truly happy, so before you place images with your partner, which makes you happy before you publish your relationship status, think well twice.

4. Billing informations
Facebook is social network, but adding your billing information’s gives you the opportunity to make advertising via Facebook or also to buy things via Facebook. This can be misused in the first occasion when some intruder gets access to your profile.

5. Your phone number
Some settings on Facebook require it. But you must know that if you add it on Facebook, you are at the same time available for every one of your friends regardless of it whether closer or distant.