5 Facts About the New Surprise in the Video Games Family PlayStation 4 ( ps4 )!


Living in an age of technological innovations, we know that, between all innovations, including smart phones, solar cars, wearable technology, good place have taken the video games! They involve us in a video interaction world and allow us besides the stress of the everyday fast lifestyle simply to relax!
The big global companies pay a big attention to the quality of games and applications associated with them.
Those who follow the updates and know about video games certainly have heard of the latest Sony announcement for PlayStation 4.

It will be simple elegant offering you special feeling of power and personalization

It will go on sale on November 15
Will cost about $400, which means it will be cheaper than the Xbox One from Microsoft.
It will offer free access to pre-owned games
PS Vita will control the games, enabling at the same time synergy between the Sony devices, which means Xperia handsets and tablet controller, TVs and BD players!