5 Coolest Bathroom Design Trends For 2014!


To tell the truth, the bathroom is my favourite place in the whole house. I can be there with hours, I use to read a book there, sometimes I can read a whole chapter while I’m in there. That’s why I’m offering you the top bathroom design trends for 2014.

1.Black in bathrooms
This season black is chic for the bathroom design. You can use this color in every possible way you want: you can paint one of the bathroom walls in black or some of the elements can be black; the second variant is to use the black colour for a bold contrast in neutral bathroom décor (you can use black tile, tubs, faucets or lightning).

2.Matte tiles
The white bathroom tiles are classic, timeless choice for the bathroom design, but for those who want a bathroom style with a little bit more spice, you can introduce neutral matte tiles in the bathroom design.

3.Curbless showers
The trend about the showers 2014 is a continuous, seamless look. The curbless showers are also very practical if your bathroom is with small dimensions, so this is one of the details that make up an entirely functional and decorative space.

4.Bathroom ledges
The planning of the space for storage and practical use of the bathroom should be the trend that never goes out of style. Interior designers for this year seems to have that in mind because they are getting creative in the use of every inch of space in functional but pleasing way.

5.Floating vanities
Floating vanities are always modern because they allow you to get the feeling of more space. Furthermore, they are very practical for cleaning, but also good opportunity to showcase the floor.

We offer you pictures of modern bathroom decorating ideas and we hope you will use some of them to insert some freshness in your bathroom this year.