5 Best Safari Exotic Travel Destinations for an Unforgettable and Wonderful Experience!


We all are adventurers on our own special way.

If you want a different adventure, exciting journey and escape the monotony of everyday life, then the Safari in Africa is the ideal choice.

Places such as you have never seen or experienced in your life.
Nature in which you will encounter monkeys, lions and elephants that pass by you.

Excitement and surprises are endless!

Each exotic visited destination leaves incredible memories, just like from imagined dream or movie.

Interesting point that must be maintained is: visit exotic travel destination with someone who also loves adventures and is not afraid to experiment.

Otherwise the trip will be really hard.

These are the five best safari destinations in Africa:

1. Bwindi National Park

Located in Uganda. When walking through the mountain forests, the tourist guides advise you do not look the gorillas straight in the eyes, but it’s almost impossible when you pass by and they frighten you with their deep mysterious and powerful eyes.

2. Etosha National Park

Located in Namibia. This is a region of extraordinary beauty found nowhere else on earth. Known as the place where you can meet the biggest elephants and black rhinos in Africa.

Unique sights that you can see while you’re driving. Impressive are the huts that look like houses of wood of which you have stunning panoramic view.

3. Chobe National Park

Located in Botswana where you can experience one of the most beautiful sailing on the crystal blue river. The best is to go on guided safaris to see the wildlife along the shores around the river. You can also meet the Bushmen tribe and discover their unusual culture.

They also offer you modern and beautiful places equipped with spa centers and rich food.

4. Masai Mara National Park

Located in Kenya and is the most popular place for an African safari. Known for the great migration of zebras and gazelles. Considered for one of the luxuries safari which offers tours to some beaches , by helicopter or the traditional jeep safari.

5. Hwange National Park

Located in Zimbabwe and is considered the largest in the area. Best known for the large number of elephants, lions and rhinos …

There are also the Victoria Falls which are a great tourist attraction.

Don’t forget to photograph the beautiful animals and the whole wildlife.

For better and safer trip first contact and book the trip via some travel agency.

Yes I agree that to organize the trip by yourself is cooler and funny but don’t forget that there are too many things you must know and hear from experienced advisors before starting out such an exotic trip.

Must know and important to keep in mind before every exotic trip:

Book the flight and the hotel on time. On this way you will save extra stress and nerves right before the trip.

Don’t forget to check if the exotic countries you want to visit require an extra application and visa for the staying in that country.

Consult your doctor about the immunization before starting the trip

Inform yourself about the people, the places nearby the culture, the language and the food in that area.

Recharge your batteries, because without good camera and great photography, there will be nothing from the magical trip memories. Your smartphone can be also good solution for making great photos!