4 Magical and Most Important Stress Free Christmas Tips!


Christmas is the most important holiday among holidays, which carries a special magic of peace and prosperity in the hearts and homes.
The atmosphere of searching the appropriate gift for everyone, decorating the house, food preparation can fill many with stress instead of goodwill.

In addition to the everyday stresses, there is a new cause of stress, which will provoke costs and financial constriction next few months.

So, please don’t let Christmas be a time that reminds you of tension and stress.
Follow the 4 magical tips, which I am sure will be definitely beneficial for you.

Good strategy

Design your holiday simply.
Set priorities; make a list on which you will concentrate, like how much money you plan to spend (you can define it as Christmas budget) & to whom you really need/want to buy Christmas gifts. In this way you will definitely save some money and energy.
Do your Christmas shopping early, not the last week before Christmas.

Online Shopping

Do research on internet; compare the prices and the articles online via your smartphone or tablet… it will save you the wandering around the shopping center’s for hours. Or if you decide to go shopping in some shopping center use the smart applications for shopping like iBeacon.
There are in this moment million’s secure online shops, which allow you to purchase online including a full description of the item and home delivery.
Don’t forget to buy a few extra presents, such as Christmas chocolates or a small Christmas jewel, just in case you forget somebody. It is also a great thing, if you approximately know what your dearest want for Christmas or what they need.

The Christmas lunch/ dinner
Organize the meal, decide what you want to cook make it enjoyable, not horror. You can also organize your partner or friends to help you, or simply organize a ‘buffet’ lunch, where everybody brings something.
Don’t experiment with the food.
Cook something you know well to prepare or something you have prepared at least once before. And than during the lunch/dinner let the atmosphere be relaxed. Don’t speak about the problems and the stress on work, or about the actually political situation ant the economic crisis.
Keep it relaxed, you can play some social games with interaction and a lot of laughter.
Drinking alcohol is a popular Christmas activity, but don’t lose the control.
You will enjoy it more when you don’t overdo it.
And don’t forget to listen some good relaxed music!

Find time for love and for your health

Do not let pre-Christmas shopping and decorating to take your  energy.
Take care of your health and healthy habits. Eat right, sleep enough, take enough vitamins, exercise, and don’t forget your partner. Find time for some “relaxed moments” with him/her together with glass of hot chocolate or cooked wine.