3 Healthiest Fast Foods You Can Eat For Breakfast!


Healthy balanced diet is the best present for our body. But we have to admit, fast food is quite tasty and tempting, and we love to eat it.
So, the best solution in this case would be: healthy fast food!
Earlier we just could only imagine anything like it, but the good news are, healthy fast food really exist, and you can really afford it to yourself.
So let’s begin! Here are the breakfast winners:

Starbucks: Protein Bistro Box
This is the great energized protein box for you, you can try next time you are really hungry and also in a hurry.
You have everything you need to charge the necessary energy: fruit, peanut butter, a hard cooked egg, and multigrain muesli bread.
Calories 380

Au Bon Pain: Large Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
If you’re looking for tasty food, which can at the same time lower your cholesterol this heart-smart breakfast from Au Bon Pain could be your perfect choice.
It contains fiber beta-glucan, which lowers the cholesterol, supplies avenanthramides, antioxidants which protect against atherosclerosis.
Calories 370

Burger King: 3-Piece French Toast Sticks
If you are Burger King fan just like me, you will be surely happy to read this.
Burger King offers perfectly sized portion of French toast strips, low in calories and low in sodium. You can combine it with a big glass of fat free milk, which will supply the necessary portion of proteins.
Calories 350