3 Extremely Important Reasons Not To Drink Energy Drinks!


To be full of energy sounds really cool!
BUT! Which is the real energy? Certainly not those from the energy drinks!
Every energy drink temporarily deceives you that your body is super fit, full of energy and causes huge number of side effects like:

Temporary Еnergy
Every energy drink contains a large amount of sugar. The artificial energy, given by the sugar is no long lasting energy.
The added sugar has no Essential Nutrients, just empty calories and causes addiction.
In a very short time the level of sugar in your body drops below the normal level and you will feel without energy, hungry and dehydrated.
It causes metabolic dysfunctions and disruption of the normal level of insulin (one of the most important hormones in our body, which allows absorption of the glucose from the blood in our body cells) in the body and in the worst case it causes cancer.

Hyperactivity From Too Мuch Caffeine
If you want to stay awake for longer time you surely grab some energy drink.
Caffeine is good and has many positive sides.
But remember that every energy drink has too much caffeine. It will make you hyperactive. Then you will feel chronic stress, anxiety and depression. It disturbs the normal functioning of the hormone Serotonin, also known as – “responsible hormone” for the feelings of well-being and happiness.
So in this case too much caffeine causes unexpected effects as above mentioned plus insomnia which damages the heart and results with tachycardia.

Allergic Reactions
Too much consumption of energy drinks causes allergic reactions such as: itching, skin irritations, swellings on the body, tightness in the chest, gastrointestinal upset, vomiting …
Also the energy drinks contain too much B vitamin. This is definitely not in addition to your health and good feeling. Too much vitamin B causes flushing of the skin and problems with the nerves.
So think 3 times about all this 3 important things next time before you grab some energy drink, instead of regular water and some healthy fruit or snacks, which will definitely give you the required amount of natural sugar and feelings of well-being + happiness.