21 Kicking Ass Facts About Selfie Definition & Secret Tips How to Take Million Dollar Selfie!

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I am sure you have made more than 100 selfies till now with your smartphone. But do You know the real definition about selfie? Here it is:
1. Selfie is a typically casual self-portrait photo, made with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone / smartphone.
2. Selfies became famous by the sharing on the social networks;

3 Above all the trend started when the famous people like Kim Kardashian (photographing her sexy back) or the famous actress made it and posted it on the social networks.

4. There are also some videos with the famous models which offers ideas how to take better selfie, because they definitely Mastered The Art Of The Selfie.
5. There is already also great house hit by The Chainsmokers Let me Take a Selfie, which will be definitely even more famous this summer.

6. The first selfie took Robert Cornelius in the 1839, an American photographer and the first selfie in the mirror took the lady Early Edwardian in 1900.
7. The world selfie itself was used for the first time on the Australian internet forum (ABC Online) on 13 September 2002 in the now famous sentence:

“And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.”

8. The expression ‘selfie’ was reviewed in 2009 by the photographer Jim Krause, although selfie genre photos precede the extensive use of the term. Self-taken photos were notably frequent on the social network MySpace in the early 2000s when Facebook wasn’t still the dominant social network.

9. The improvements in the selfie-design brought the iPhone 4 front-facing camera, which was copied by other mobile phones companies.

10. Instagram together with pages and blogs such as ItisMee, made the selfie even more popular in the early 2010s.


11. But The social network where the selfies first reached their popularity is MySpace, and then Facebook took the first place, in the period between 2006 and 2009 when it became more popular then MySpace and any other social network.

12. At the end of the 2012 the Time magazine mentioned the selfie in the group of the 10 best buzzwords of the year and in 2013 it was named the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary.

13. One of the important parts of the selfies are the “super selfie”. That means group of people photographed together like the famous selfie by Ellen Ellen DeGeneres’ on the Oscars 2014. It is also the most re-tweeted selfie ever – 1.8 million times in the first hour!
14. The popularity of the selfies confirms the moment that also the astronauts in the space have made some selfies. It is called “space selfie”.

15. During the Sochi Winter Olympics was born also the “selfie Olympics” , which means self-portraits made in Sochi associated with some “Olympic moment“.

16. Also famous are the “no makeup selfies” which are showing how clear and beautiful your face looks also without make up.

17. “Politician selfies”: I don’t need to mention, you surely know the moment that the President Barack Obama leads in the group Politician selfies. His selfies at the White House and on the Nelson Mandela’s memorial celebration with the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and with the British Prime Minister David Cameron were too much commented retweeted and also criticized.The British political columnist Iain Martin critiqued with the phrase “behaving like idiots, as they were “clowning around like Muppets”.

18. Sociology and Psychology

The sociological and psychological view about the selfies is clear; it is flattering image of the person, especially to friends whom the photographer expects to be liked. They are simply to create and share so there are no limits why not to take selfies. BUT! Before posting your next selfie think about the fact that some studies have confirmed that the Posting of selfies on the social network can ruin your real social life and relationship.

19. Jared Keller  wrote for Aljazeera America something more about it: What do your selfies say about you?! The article confirms the statements that we should be careful with the selfies because the definitely can  produce big negative effects on family, social life, workspace and relationships which can lead to violent behavior.

20. Pros and Cons

Selfie can boost your self-confidence
If you have free time it is one of the best Fulfilling Hobbies.
You look even more cute and sexy by using some cool apps on your smartphone like PicsArt SpaceEffect … Splash Effector some cool filters
One selfie is worth 1,000 words!
Losing concentration time and attention for some more important things you can do at the moment
Although you are posting it on all social networks by taking and posting more selfies you are becoming more asocial person

21. Tips
You surely take 50+ selfies before having the perfect one for sharing on the social networks
So keep on mind this few tips for taking better selfie for shorter time
You’re a central point
Use the high resolution back-facing camera of your smartphone it is more practical for better selfie
Look at the lens of the photo; don’t let your look wandering
Don’t hold the camera too close to you
Hold it far away from you and Take up the hand at a small angle

Check the background, because even if you look perfect on the photo with perfect hair and make ip, if the background shows for example your sister while sleeping or the chaos of your closet the photo will be definitely failure.

If you want to be and stay the central point of the photo, choose some neutral background like some wall, closet or simply the clear nature, field or the sky above you (In this case you need to keep the smartphones slightly below).

If you meet some famous person, don’t be shy to ask about selfie together, it is allowed and we have concluded that the famous faces definitely like the selfies.
Set the background and the perfect angle if there is something that should be in the picture for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Follow the trends, ideas and hash-tags and watch video like this one from the famous top models: How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel!

On this way you will definitely have even more fun!!!