2017 Trends What is IN 3 Tips How to Decorate your Home!


Are you on top of the trends?
Or more of a rebel interested always to break the rules?

Either way, this will be useful for you.
So here are some of the must know Big TRENDS for 2017 and I will also mention some of the OUTs.

1.IN Colors

Dark furniture

According to Darren Palmer interior designer, the dark tones of furniture will be still IN this year. We all know that last year great emphasis was placed on gray color and all shades of gray. So it stays in.

Coffee Table, piece of art or wall in gray will be great idea to spice up the space with something trendy.

Welcome green

This year we can peacefully say goodbye to midnight blues and navy’s.
A new color is making its way into the interior home trends and that color is GREEN.

In contrary to dark tones the green color gives the space calming note and positivism.

According to celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, who designed also for Kendall Jenner green color is “strong again.” From lime green to dark green each shade is welcome. He suggests: “Add really fun emerald glasses to your regular white plates and suddenly you’ve got that up-to-the minute look.”


Talking about the colors we must mention the gorgeous refreshing white. White is always in, but this year instead of favoring the pure white which gives “clinical” feeling, comes to the fore the palette with creamy off-whites.

Don’t ignore the Jewel tones they are also IN! And also keep in mind, it should be definitely matte rather than shiny.

2.IN Materials

Terracotta is IN as material and color also


When it comes to trendy material this year great accent is put on organic materials, especially Terracotta which has long and rich history and offers earthy warm palette of browns.


Creative idea you can find by Tomas Kral’s Terracotta lamps or the terracotta light and interesting accessories by Spanish designer Miguel Angel García Belmonte.

Terracotta could ensure character and warmth to home interiors again

& also …

Brass, chrome, and black mate lacquer such as matte gold and metallic gold and definitely Marble.


Young Huh, named by Vogue as one of the five young interior designers on the rise in 2015, suggests that marble and brass will dominate in 2017. “We’re going to see this trend in both kitchens and baths,” Huh added. “It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard, and a little bit glamorous with the brass.”


There will be also place for the Mixed Metals
Interior designers are advising to stay creative and innovative so don’t be afraid, mix materials like brass and chrome, silver and polished nickel, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze, mix materials experiment … you will be amazed at the results.


“Mixing metals isn’t new, but people are being more creative than ever with their combinations,” says the designer Ms. Novogratz.

Woven baskets and KNITS

Knitted accessories are getting trendy this year and by that the pleasant winter atmosphere in your home can be prolonged.
Woven baskets contribute to it and Woven accessories can be used as a unique décor piece, which will spice up the space with enjoyable cozy feeling.


3 IN Furniture as Art


Unique unusual chair, table or bookshelf, geometric designs, and also triangles can function as art in the space.
Accents such as abstract figures and lamps or metal vases and trays are particularly easy ways to update a space with a sleek vibe.

“Mixing metals isn’t new, but people are being more creative than ever with their combinations,” says Ms. Novogratz.

This Year the old fashioned hanging bulbs are out.

Every unique interesting fancy bulb or designed Murano glass chandelier is IN.


This season year are spreading through the air vibrations of relaxation and favoring a feeling of comfort and warmth. Wide comfortable timeless chairs, strokable textures, floor pillows, knits, candles and wooden Incense Stick Holder with character as the primary attraction.


DIY is great lovely idea and respect for everyone creating something new by their own, but in 2017 its place occupies everything which is trendy classy designed peaces.
In one word precisely the LUXURIOUS COMFORT is in.


Of course, trends are rapidly changing so take every MUST DO TREND IDEA how to decor your home with a pinch of salt.
I personally love my home, the space in which I live and feel good, to have a special individual touch and always some details of the latest trends even unique colored wall or piece of art.

You should this one thing always keep in mind:

At the end if you ask yourself, what is a general trend?
As Darren Palmer, interior designer said when talking at the Pottery Barn pop up shop in Sydney, “Individuality is always a real trend!

Which trend is your favorite?