20 Incredible Summer Family Photo Ideas!


The spring is here with the positive energy and the palette of colors.

I have written some Simple but Important Tips for Spring Activities, and today I want to share with you my ideas for incredible summer photography with your family. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use this tips also now, but for incredible summer photography the perfect destination is the beach.


There is no better moment to shoot crazy, funny incredible family photography than your family holiday.

You are relaxed together with your dearest.

So enjoy and make some timeless photography.
Don’t forget the family pets, too. They are sweet part of the family and can make the photo even more adorable. Here are my “must have on mind” tips:

So let’s begin …
The first thing to know is: Be spontaneous and relaxed! Then you can make the most beautiful and most original images.
Keep the attention on the subject.
Surf, Jump, Run; Let the kids run on the beach or in the garden laughing.
Don’t forget to smile
Photograph the Sea stars and Seashells; they are so beautiful and make your photographing adventure even more enjoyable.
Make underwater photography with some waterproof device
Let the picture scream with colors, photograph everything: the sun, the sea, the flowers … and there are the insects and the butterflies. Small but important for your photography.

Build a castle
Photograph your accessories, your cocktail and the flip flops!
“White sensation” there is something magical in the white color. Make a deal with your family for a dress code white. The simplicity and purity of this color makes the photos look even more special.

Sunrise and Sunset
Don’t forget the sunrise and the sunset. I am sure that you already have done numbers of photos on the sunset, but it is still in, make heart with the hands, hug the sun, hold the sun in the hand or make some art of bridge for the sun!

If you to make even more clear and original photos, here is the must have accessories you’ll need :
Lens hood,
Polarizer filter
ND filter
Always carry an additional memory card and don’t forget to recharge the batteries or take an extra battery pack with you.

If you have a smartphone and use some free photography apps The photos will be even more original and beautiful!