15 iWatch Features – From Rumor to Reality!


The rumors about it whether the iWatch will remain just a concept rapidly moving towards to reality.

Nowadays New York Times and Wall-Streeter journal confirmed this rumor as reality!
About 100 Apple people (designers, engineers, software developers … ) are working the Wearable tech innovation iWatch or smart watch.

Announced Information’s about this adorable innovation are as follows:

It looks like a regular watch.
It will run the latest version of the new Apple operating system iOS7.
Launch Date: 2014
It is going to have 2,5” OLED
100% waterproof 🙂
Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer
No headphone jack
Real wireless power (range up to 2m)
Pulse meter
App Store for third party apps
Connects to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV
Multi-touch Retina display
Colors: black & white / black & silver
The Price is a mystery!