15 Easy Ways How You Can Save More Energy and Money!

Little, but important tips, you always must have in mind!


    1. Always turn off the lights and electric devices when not in use
    2. Use led light bulbs
    3. Use solar energy panels for warming your home or office
    4. If you use electric energy for warming your home and warming water, make the thermostat on, so the device will automatically turn off when the water or the room is warm enough
    5. Make sure that the facility, that you want to heat up, is at first good isolated. Good insulation reduces much of the energy for heating
    6. Use toaster, it consumes less power than a conventional oven
    7. Iron just those clothes which must be ironed. Many cotton clothes should not be ironed before wearing
    8. Use quality rechargeable batteries

9. Use solar charger or wireless charger

10. Healthy, practically and eco-friendly: walk or drive your bike in every possible opportunity

11. Recharge the battery, just when it is fully empty. It save energy and protects the device from damaging

12. Instead of printing papers, send documents via e-mail

13.  Shower instead of bathing in a full bath … Yes … I know, bath full of foam makes greater pleasure, but it harms your pocket ;)!

14. Refrigerator door must be always well closed and the refrigerator must be cleaned from ice, it improves its efficiency.

15. Recycle!

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