14 Coolest New iPhone Accessories!


The iPhone per se is very cool and has a plenty of accessories and opportunities that you can do with it. But there many others iPhone accessories around the stores in the world, that can make your life easier. Here are 14 of them:

1. iPhone Stand shoes
You can protect your iPhone from dust with these dandy iPhone stand shoes which you can find for $5 on Etsy.

2. iPhone Wallet-Case
If you don’t have a big bag in which you can put both your wallet and your iPhone, then the iPhone wallet-case is the perfect choice for you. The Hex case which cost $44 is available in gold and black.

3. Whooz vinyl labels
With the Whooz vinyl labels you can cover your iPhone charger with funny faces and in this way you can distinguish your charger from your sister’s. On WhoozIzIt.com there are sets of these labels that cost $12.95.

4. Clip-on lens
The clip-on lens are for the iPhone users that are frustrated with the limited zoom that the iPhone offers. The lens cost $19.95.