13 Must Do Good Morning Routines Beneficial for Everyone!


Your thoughts and your good positive behaviors are creating your life.
We are living in a time when the stress is constantly trying to overcome. But, good psychological stability and good living habits are the basis which should be set as a priority.
Therefore is good to gain the daily habits that will become our everyday and will definitely reduce the stress.
The question is: how to start a day without stress?!
It seems funny, but a day without stress starts on the evening before that day.

There are few things you can do every evening so you will have more relaxed morning.
1. Prepare clothes to wear. If ironing is needed do it on the evening
2. Check the weather forecast, so you will approximately know what to wear and whether to take an umbrella with you
3. Prepare some sandwich or fruit and put it in the fridge
4. Set up the coffee machine, so You don’t have to wait for the coffee, it will wait ready for you to enjoy it!
5. Check your To Do list, so you will approximately know where, how and with whom you will spend the next day
6. If you have an important business meeting, you make write down some notes as a priority planner for that meeting
7. Than go to sleep and enjoy it, about 6-8 hours good sleep is a great basis to function well the next day and to be well concentrated on all obligations

The Morning:

8. Set the alarm 20-30 minutes before the regular time for getting out. So you will have enough time for thinking about your day, maybe to check your emails and to do list, to read some motivational quotes, to enjoy cuddling with your partner and kids, or simply to enjoy alone the relaxing start of a new day


9. Do some stretching exercises every morning or play some music and dance in front of the mirror. You will notice that it will improve your mood immediately.
10. Make yourself “morning feel good therapy shower” with combination of icy cold and lukewarm water, both have their benefits. It will definitely improve your circulation, will refresh you and wake you up.

11. We all know the benefits of the healthy fruits and the lemon: antibacterial, antiviral, infection fighter, immune-booster, liver cleanser … So fresh fruit juice with cinnamon at the morning or simply a glass of warm / lukewarm water with lemon is something for which your body will be endlessly grateful to you.
12. Before you live your home don’t forget to say: “I love You!” to everyone you love in your home, (also to your pets) to kiss & hug them
13. Bike or walk to work! It is cheaper than driving, healthier and at the same time you will contribute to the environmental protection

These are the few simple things that should become your daily routine, if you don’t do them already.
If you already do them, I am sure that you are a happy and fulfilled person, and you can recommend them to those you care about, to let them know how simply is to make your day more productive and more enjoyable.