12 Facts About Android and its History which You Surely Want to Know!


1. Android is one of the Google most successful products, founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Chris White in 2003 in Palo Alto, California
2. The initial idea was to create an operating system for digital cameras
3. Google becomes owner of Android in 2005, which was the first entering step for Google in the company of mobile phones, applications and smartphone innovations.

4. Interesting fact is that each new change or Android version is called in alphabetical order

Ice Cream Sandwich
Jelly Bean

5. HTC in collaboration with Google founded the first Nexus smartphone – Nexus One, representing on it the latest Android apps and features

6. The Android’s interface is based on direct manipulation and third party applications, which means truer metamorphosis of objects, actions and apps

7. The Android devices are essentially battery powered, keeping their battery capacity on maximum.

8. Android leads vs Apple the largest battle in the market for technology and smartphones innovations and apps and games since 2005

9. According to the latest information this week android is on track to become a leading innovator of video gaming world, as another opposition to Apple, knowing the fact, that the most widely performed 15 games in 2013, were the iOS

10. Android started as a very undefined and uncertain project

11. More man (73% ) than woman (27% ) use Android probably because of its functionality and apps, perhaps because we know that the girls pay more attention to the look and design and it’s Apple

12. STRaND-1 the first smartphone operated satellite in space is operated by 2 computers CubeSat and the Google Nexus One smartphone of course with an Android operating system