11 Ideas How to Save Money Fast!


Money saving is the most difficult mission for each of us. It is one of that tasks which sounds like science fiction and is easier said than done.

Honestly I personally put a serious effort to gain this habits and finally to learn how to safe more then I spend.
Here are some money saving strategies that I use for three months and I definitely recognize the changes. Take time, read them I am sure they will help you:

Preparing a List Before Going Shopping
I think this is the first and the best thing about the fast money saving I have ever done.
Preparing list before going shopping allows me to have in my home less unnecessary items and food bought only experimentally and more money in my wallet.
So now I am buying only the things I really need, No matter whether it is a blouse, jeans, jewelry, furniture, food or cosmetics.
Keep your cards away from you!
… so when you really plan to buy something grab the credit card.
It allows you restful sleep and planned spending on credit card. So you will not feel so sure and strong to spend easily a huge amount of money without thinking about the consequences.


Invite Friends to Dinner
Invite friends over instead of going!
Create a cozy warm atmosphere, donate money to dinner and organize together so everyone should bring something and then enjoy the dinner together.
Dinner in the restaurant sounds tempting, but relaxed socializing with the dearest at home and possibility to be a natural and even to wear your pajamas is even more sympathetic
It feels wonderful! It goes in favor also to your wallet.

Quit Smoking
In this way you will close a river of irreversible costs.
And there is no doubt; you will do a great pleasure to your body and health

Live a Healthy Life
Start the day with healthy breakfast. You will supply your organism with vitamins and enough energy for the whole day. And you won’t feel hungry at night.
You will stop the risk of eating too much at night, and also it is good way to put some money aside.

Don’t Buy Presents
Do not misunderstand me. This is not advice to forget your dearest and not to give presents for birthdays or for Christmas & New Year.
Quite the contrary!
Next time, instead of shopping and spending a bunch of money something, try and make some originally handmade present, embroider a bag, write a personal letter, jewelry box or some wonderful picture frame.

Do Not Buy Only Branded Products
Not always branded clothing is evidence of being well-dressed.
Good Combination of “no name” clothing can look on you ever more beautiful than expensive branded and it offers you the great feeling that you haven’t spent a fortune to look beautiful.

Be Honest and Realistic
Setting big goals is a positive and big motivation to find new life challenges, but plan the budget well, before making a larger step like buying and investing in a new home or a luxury vacation
Very few of us can afford to themselves new fully equipped home and no additional costs after that which should not be long term returned.


Write a List of All Costs During the Month
You will be surprised at the end of the month, how unnecessary costs you have made, costs which can be automatically annulled and consciously avoided next month.

Walk / Ride a bike / Use public transport
There is nothing better than to go walking to work every day, you are resting your brain during the walking and most important in this case you save money.
If your workplace is far away from your home, then take the second best option riding a bike or at least the last one use public transport. The last option I don’t suggest so much, because I am for healthy living and riding a bike or walking are great part of that.

Turn off the electrical devices which are not in use!
Use the solar power for water heating, heating the home etc. it is an investment that initially seems expensive, but from my own experience I know and I claim that is definitely is worth the money.