10 World’s Sexiest Islands for ALL Dreamers & Adventurers – Discover the Magic! Part I


Province of Palawan, Philippines

Location: in the MIMAROPA region
It is the largest province of Palawan and the most beautiful part of the region.
It is 425 km long and 40 km width. It can be defined like heaven on the earth and the must visit place for all dreamers and adventurers! Not only the blue sandy beach, but also the tropical jungle, with rare trees and animals will contribute to the great feeling that you are on the place which place represents heaven on the earth!

For those interested in a bit scary information’s – Palawan is the place where the scary snake Cobra king lives.


What makes Hawaii so special and always part of the must visit destinations in your life?
It is the largest island in the archipelago.

It is the perfect island for positive energy charging.

Its flora and fauna, the beautiful blue water and the native Hawaiian’s are simply the perfect combination, they also have every kind of beach: white, green, sandy & black, so you can choose different beach for every day of your trip.

There is also one of the world’s most beautiful and famous beaches Waikiki.

Special integral part of the island is the native Hawaiian’s. They will make your stay even more pleasant with the beautiful warm smile on the face and the famous salute: Aloha!!!

Important about them is that they have special relationship and respect to the nature; they passionately take care about it and preserve the nature and the tradition. That’s why they own one of the world’s most enduring and persevering culture.

Integral part of your Hawaiian adventure should also be the islands Maui and Kauai

Santorini, Greece

I was here this summer and I can honestly recommend you this island if you are adventurer and romantic person. The islands is also known under the officially name Thira.
It is the biggest islands of the so called group of Cyclades islands.

Santorini is the part what that remained after the large volcanic eruption which destroyed an entire civilization.

The capital, Fira offers the special view to the wonderful view of the volcano. The most famous place to view the best sunset on the island is the Oia Castle (and after the one I saw on Ibiza’s Café del Mar beach that was definitely the best sunset I have ever seen).
Don’t be surprised if you see the castle and many Wedding Couples, because during the most beautiful sunset (the sky during the sunset is different every day , sometimes purple, sometimes pink or orange … ) near the castle happen many weddings!


Volcano itself is not very interesting to visit, but the view from there to the sea it is magnificent.
Don’t miss the hot springs swimming; it is not very comfortable (because of the yellow color of the water) but the volcanic spring water is healthy for the bones.
If you want to have beautiful view of the beautiful white Santorini find accommodation in the north, but remember there is no beach! The Red beach and the beautiful black beaches are in the southern part of the island.

Coming soon!! (10 World’s Sexiest Islands for ALL Dreamers & Adventurers – Discover the Magic! Part II and Part III)