10 Tips How to Get Paid for Your Photographing Hobby?!


Photographing for pleasure? You have new professional or semiprofessional camera? Why not start and make money from your hobby?

With the development of technology you have a million new opportunities to make good and original photography, which everyone would like to buy.

Here are some tips on what you should pay attention, if you want to start making some money from photography:

Take a part in some seminar or workshop for photography. So you will be able to refine the skills, which you have applied by now.

Learn to take great “profi” photography, on which you will leave your mark as a sign of specificity and recognition.

Create a portfolio. Every good photographer and artist must have also a good representable portfolio, which will showcase your actions.

It is also a good characteristic of professionalism!

Take the picture in every possible occasion: weddings, birthdays, everyday events on the street. Select the best images. In this way you present yourself in the best light.

Keep your prices sensible realistic.

Пlay with the camera, be innovative and unique!

Learn every day more skills from books and internet. Invest in yourself and in your knowledge’s.

Create your own blog for the pictures, which will adequately represent your job on the social networks.

Join some professional photography community’s, which dealing with the same activity, exchange ideas and opinions!

Be accessible to people!