10 Tips How To Extend Battery Life on Your Smartphone!


Smartphones offer unlimited options and fun which reduce the duration of the battery. We often forget of this disadvantage of the smartphones until we get us caught with low battery without opportunity to charge it. Here are some tips which help us extend the battery life and reduce that kind of inconvenient situations.
First of all we should take a look on the parts that use more power on our Androids, so we can find the right solutions. Generally there are 6 most hungry parts that consume mostly the batteries in every modern smartphone that is screen, CPU, GPU, GPS, WiFi and 3G/4G model. You can check this on your smartphone in Settings > Battery Use.
If you are about to buy a new phone you can chose one with smaller screen and bigger battery. Considering the dimensions of the actual top smartphones, this step will be difficult to realize so you can focus on the next ones.

1. Reduce the screen brightness

The screen is on the top of the parts that consume the most the battery life so this is the first step for longer durability of the battery. While you are in direct sunlight it’s not necessary to keep up very bright screen. The simplest is to turn on the Auto-Brightness, so the smartphone will take care about the intensity of the light screen depending on the light around.

2. Turn Bluetooth off
Transmitting data wirelessly consumes the battery and leaving the Bluetooth on to accept incoming data all the time requires more power, so turn it off when you don’t use it.

3. Keep Wi-Fi off
Keeping the Wi-Fi on in order to find an available network to connect will surely drain your battery life, so turn it off unless you’re using it in that moment.

4. Turn Off 3G/4G
The iPhone 3G and the later models take advantage of the speedy 3G and 4G LTE phone networks. It’s naturally that this process requires more battery to get the quicker data speed and high quality calls, so when you’re running out of battery just turn it off.

5. Disable Vibration

Vibration requires more power than ringtones, so if your surroundings allow it, you should take an advantage.

6. Use White Wallpaper if your smartphone has LCD screen

White color saves more battery than other colors on LCD screen. On the other hand if your display is LED, for example AMOLED, black is more power efficient.

7. Turn Off Location Services

The location services powered by the build-in GPS give the most coolest features on the smartphones: your phone can give you information about your current location, gives you exact driving directions, gives this information on app that help you find restaurants etc. In that way your phone sends data over a network and needs more battery power.

8. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

The animated wallpapers are another elegant feature introduced in iOS7 that offer a cool interface, but at the same time use more battery than a regular static background image.

9. Appropriate Apps Management

One of the best iOS’s features over Android is the abundant quality apps. The most apps start automatically and many of them still run after you exit them. So a proper management of the applications will significantly save the durability of your battery.

10. Turn off the Device for a While

If you don’t need the smartphone at the moment and you going to use it in a couple of hours the best way to be sure to have the battery when you need it is to turn off the phone in the interval when you don’t use it, so you’ll have the same battery level when you’ll turn it on again.