10 Key Benefits of Drinking Water!


Water is necessary for life! People can survive much longer without food than without water
Water represents about 60-70% of our body weight
Therefore, each part of our body needs it to function properly.
Insufficient intake of water leads to dehydration, and in such case the normal functioning of the body is impossible. Even mild dehydration immediately brings negative consequences as a reduction of energy, headaches, fatigue.

Water increases your energy
Water speeds up your metabolism and helps in weight loss. Therefore each diet recommends drinking more water (2kg daily).
Water helps for better and longer exercising
Water improves food digestion.
Water reduces the risk of kidney stone.
Water reduces stress and increases the concentration
Water can cure the headache which often occurs as a result of dehydration.
Water is the best skin cleanser it fights wrinkles and acne.
Water reduces the risk of heart disease.
Water reduces the risk of cancer by 45%

A number of studies show that best recipe for reducing the risk of diseases and peeling for the body is:
Warm lemon water detox every day (which means drinking warm water with lemon every morning). You can add honey and cinnamon. It does not cost lot of money and time and means fortune for your body and health!